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SportsBroker is a revolutionary new football
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of the biggest teams on the planet.

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League tickets and weekly footie prizes.

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*Open to UK residents aged 18 years and older.Tell me more

What is SportsBroker?

Ever fancied owning a football club? SportsBroker lets you own virtual stakes in some of the world’s biggest teams.

Make the right calls on which ones to trade and your pot of money will swell. Get it wrong and the pot goes down. It’s a little bit like a stock market, but for footie.

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Download and register

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*Open to UK residents aged 18 years and older.

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We’ll add €5,000 of virtual trading currency to your account. Choose which teams you want to trade - and away you go.

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Compete for glory - and prizes

See how you’re doing against other players on our league table. The top three players each week will win prizes - and there’s a grand prize of Champions League tickets for the best overall player.

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How to play

The basic idea behind SportsBroker is dead simple: teams go up in value when they do well, and down when they do badly. But there are a couple of other things to remember:


Performance isn’t just about goals

When we calculate team performance, we don’t just take into account goals scored or points earned. SportsBroker calculates price changes based on a whole range of factors, including cards, possession and corners.

team stats comparison

Because of this SportsBroker is a real test of footballing knowledge. You can’t just look at a league table and expect to do well.


Teams are weighted

team 1 value
team 2 value

Not all football teams are equal. And we take that into account by weighting relative performance.

For example, if a lowly-ranked team scores a hat-trick against a big team, you’d expect to get a good return for backing them. And if a leading team does what’s expected and thrashes a minnow, you wouldn’t expect to retire.

The riskier your prediction, the greater your potential return. Just like with stock market investments and standard sports betting.

Weighting makes the game much more exciting, because it’s not just about picking which rich, top-of-the-table team is going to win the league. You can’t just buy Manchester City or Arsenal and hope to get rich (though they might still be worth a punt).

Got that? Great. The best way to really get the hang of SportsBroker is to play it.
Download the game now - and start playing for free.

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*Open to UK residents aged 18 years and older.desktop appmobile app

Coming soon: the full version

We’ll soon be launching a full version of SportsBroker, where you can invest real cash and potentially make proper money from trading teams.

(All the more reason to perfect your skills on the free version.)