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Betting Rules

Last updated: 09/05/2024

  1. Introduction

    1. The Services (as defined in the Terms & Conditions) provide Players with a pool betting service, which enables a Player to Bet on a sports team’s performance.
    2. These rules (the “Betting Rules”) set out rules for the pool betting service.
    3. Any capitalised terms used in these Betting Rules, but which are only defined in the Terms and Conditions (including the term “SportsBroker”), shall have the meaning as defined in the Terms and Conditions.
    4. All Bets are subject to these Betting Rules, the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and any terms of a specific promotion.
    5. All Bets are pool Bets where winnings are determined by reference to the money staked and the number of correct entries in the pool (less the SportsBroker Fee taken by SportsBroker).
  2. Placement of Bet and determining winnings

    1. In order to place a Bet, you must:
      1. select a match offered by SportsBroker (a “Match”) and select which team you forecast will win such Match or if such Match will be a draw (a “Selection”); and
      2. pay an entry fee to take part in the respective pool (a “Stake”), which must be a minimum £1 Stake.
    2. The total Stakes on a Match shall be subject to a deduction of 10% by SportsBroker as SportsBroker’s consideration for operating SportsBroker pools product (the “SportsBroker Fee”). The remaining balance, together with any amount contributed by SportsBroker, shall be referred to as the “Win Pool”.
    3. Upon completion of the respective Match, SportsBroker will determine which Selection correctly forecasted the result of the Match (i.e. whether a Match would be a draw or, if not, which team would win such Match). Each Player that placed a Bet that included the correct Selection (i.e. correctly forecasted the result of the Match) will receive a return, which is a share of the Win Pool in proportion to their Stake, rounded down to the nearest £0.01.
    4. If no Player’s Selection correctly forecasted the result of the Match, SportsBroker shall be entitled to receive the SportsBroker Fee but shall pay each Player that placed a Bet in such pool a share of the Win Pool in proportion to their Stake, rounded down to the nearest £0.01.
  3. Voiding Bets or suspending pools

    1. Where Matches are:
      1. delayed but not abandoned and such delay lasts less than 48 hours from the official starting time, Bets on the Match will remain valid and open unless voided by SportsBroker. In any other case, SportsBroker reserves, at its discretion, the right to void Bets on such postponed Matches and refund the Stakes to Players; 
      2. abandoned after their starting times and such Match:
        1. officially restarts or commences within 48 hours of the original official start time, SportsBroker reserves the right to keep all Bets valid and settle according to these results; or
        2. does not officially restart within 48 hours of the official start time, SportsBroker shall void Bets by refunding stakes to Players
    2. Notwithstanding the previous provisions, in circumstances where SportsBroker reasonably believes that a Match (whether started or not) will not be completed within 3 days of its scheduled start date, SportsBroker reserves the right to declare the respective Bet void (irrespective of whether the match is ultimately completed or not within 3 days of its scheduled start date).
    3. SportsBroker reserves the right to void a pool in its entirety, if it believes any Bet in such pool has been placed in contravention of these Betting Rules or Terms and Conditions.
    4. SportsBroker may, in its sole and absolute discretion, decide to suspend betting on a pool at any time.
  4. Results and winnings

    1. Once SportsBroker has received the result of a Match, it shall be permitted to settle any Bets and if the result of a Match is subsequently overturned the original settlement of Bets will stand.
    2. All Bets are based on the ordinary passage of play. This includes injury time, but excludes extra time, penalties or similar (if they occur).
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