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Welcome to performance pool betting
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What is SportsBroker?

SportsBroker is a completely different way to bet on the sport you’re fanatical about. It’s about studying the form, understanding the stats and knowing that winning isn’t everything because performance counts, too.

Use your sports intelligence to pick not only the winning team but one that will outperform its opponent.

When you place your bet on a team, you’re adding it to a team pool of bets from like-minded fans.

Your team pool goes up against the opposition’s. Win and your team pool takes 70% of the opposition’s. Lose and they take 70% of yours. Draw and it’s all square and down to performance.

Performance is crucial

30% of the opposition’s team pool is also up for grabs. How much you gain or lose of it is all down to how your team performed on the pitch. Win the match and totally dominate and you could take 100% of the other team pool. Lose, yet play out of your skin, and you can reduce your losses from 70% to just 40%. When the dust settles, you get a share of your team pool that’s proportionate to your bet. SportsBroker takes just 20% of the rise in the winning team’s pool.

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at stake if you lose or win


down to team performance


loss if you lose but dominate

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No odds, just team pools going head-to-head

SportsBroker isn’t a traditional bookmaker. We don’t set the odds. How much there is to play for and how much you can win is all down to your team choices, bets, results and performances.

You could be part of a small team pool going up against the league leader’s huge team pool. Perform a giant-killing and perform well and you take a bigger cut of a much larger pot. Plus, we only take 20% of any rise in winnings, so we really want you to win and won’t take a penny from you if you lose and are down.

Download the SportsBroker App now

The SportsBroker App is free, easy-to-use and available now. It gives you real-time results and pays winnings into your account immediately. Sign up now and we’ll match your first deposit up to £20. Terms and conditions apply.

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