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How SportsBroker works

Betting with SportsBroker pool betting is different from betting with a traditional bookmaker. There are no odds set, you simply look at forthcoming matches and use your sports intelligence to pick a team which not only win, but outperform the other team to earn extra winnings. Let’s get started.


Setting up

Download the SportsBroker App, register and then deposit a minimum of £10 to start betting.

SportsBroker will match your first deposit by up to £20. New customers only. Terms and conditions apply.



Select a game from the matches list. We offer matches from the: Premier League, Championship, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup, MLS, J1 League, Eliteserien, Euros, Internationals and NFL.

Study the upcoming matches and also the size of each team’s pool. The size of both team's pools depends upon the total value of the bets placed on each team. The bigger a team pool, the more other sports fans think that team will win the match.



Once you’ve decided on a team to back, click on that team and place your bet. This is then added to your chosen team’s pool.

When the match kicks off, all team pools are locked for the duration of the game and cannot be added to.



WIN and your team pool wins 70% of the opposing team’s pool.

LOSE and the opposing team pool takes 70% of your team’s pool.

DRAW and you can win up to 30% of the opposing team's pool based on stats.



We use official OPTA and SportsRadar stats to determine your performance score, each team gains or loses points for selected live events, and those points add up to give each team a points total.

Depending on how both teams perform you can also win up to an additional 30% of the opposition’s team pool if your team wins the match. So, it’s possible to dominate the match and take your share of 100% of the opposing team’s pool.

If your team loses but performs out of its skin, you can reduce your losses by up to 30%, taking your loss to only 40% despite losing the match.

The difference in the points accumulated by each team equals the percentage gain for the team with the points advantage. For example, if Team A has 40 points and Team B has 20 points, that's an advantage of 20 points for Team A - In the case Team A wins the match they will take an extra 20% from their opponent's pool, if they lose the match they will reduce their 70% loss by 20% and in the case of a draw they will simply take 20% of their opponents pot.



Winnings are paid immediately after each match to your SportsBroker account balance. SportsBroker takes just 20% of any rise in value of the winning team’s pool.

You can deposit to or withdraw money from your SportsBroker account at any time you wish.

Performance scores

SportsBroker uses official Opta and SportRadar data for the performance scoring system.

Football Points

Shot on Target2.5
Corner Won0.4
Tackle Won0.4
Shot off Target1
Aerial Duel Won0.2
Ground Duel Won0.2
Shot Blocked1
Red Card-3
Yellow Card-0.75

NFL Points

Total Game Points Scored0.50
First Downs0.10
Passes Completed0.30
Passing Yards0.15
Rushing Yards0.22
Entered Red Zone0.20
Fields Goals Scored at 30-39 Yards0.30
Fields Goals Scored at 40-49 Yards0.90
Fields Goals Scored at 50 Yards and over1.80
Touchdown Conversion Points Scored0.50
2pt Touchdown Conversion Scored by Passing2.00
2pt Touchdown Conversion Scored by Rushing1.50
Interception by Defense2.00
Sacks on Opponent1.20
Fumbles Recovered0.50
Fumbles Forced on Opponent0.50
Safety Scored1.50
Kick Blocked (Field Goal or Punt)1.50
Fumbles Forced on Opponent by Special Teams0.50
Fumbles Recovered by Special Teams2.00
Touchdowns by Special Teams2.50
Missed Fields Goals-1.50
Touchdown Conversion Points Missed-1.50
Yards Lost from Sacks-0.50
Interceptions Thrown-1.00
Fumbles Lost-1.00

A few examples

Here are few possible scenarios that will help you understand how SportsBroker works.

You win and play out of your skin

Win: 70% of opposition’s team pool.

Performance: your team has 30+ more points than their opponent.

Final result your team takes 100% of the opponents pool

You win but play badly

Win: 70% of opposition’s team pool.

Performance: your opponent team scores 30+ points more than your team.

Final result your team takes 40% of the opponents pool.

You lose but dominate the game

Loss: 70% of your team’s pool.

Performance: your team have 30+ more points than their opponent.

Final result your team loses 40% of its original pool size to the opponent team's pool.

It’s a draw but you perform brilliantly

Draw: The win results pool change does not affect either team.

Performance: your team has 30+ more points than their opponent.

Final result your team takes 30% of the opponents pool.

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