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Terms and Conditions

Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions

  1. You must be an active SportsBroker customer to make a referral
  2. The Friend you refer must be aged 18 or over and reside with the United Kingdom
  3. The Friend you refer cannot be an existing SportsBroker customer for your referral to be valid
  4. The Friend you refer cannot be yourself or persons residing at the same address
  5. Referrals are made by sharing your unique SportsBroker customer referral code, which can be found in the SportsBroker application by selecting ‘Refer a Friend’ from the application menu, and then by selecting the ‘Recommended’ tab
  6. A referral is ‘validated’ when the ‘Friend’ creates a SportsBroker account and deposits £10 in their account. The deposited £10 must then be used to purchase £10 of virtual shares in a team, and the virtual shares held for at least one complete match of that team.
  7. Once a referral is validated, both the Friend and Referrer will receive £25 Bonus Funds each in their respective accounts. The 8. Referrer shall then receive confirmation of the successful referral in the SportsBroker application, either by Pop-up upon logging in, or by a Push notification should they already be logged in
  8. In order to unlock the bonus funds for withdrawal, the bonus funds must be used to 10x their value in active games. For an example please view the end of these T&C
  9. SportsBroker reserve the right to withhold rewards if we reasonably suspect fraudulent activity. All decisions made by SportsBroker are final
  10. SportsBroker General T&C apply and can be viewed here
  11. By partaking in Refer a Friend, you confirm that you have read, understood and accept our privacy policy:


Player A receives an invitation to a £25 Referral Bonus. Player A firstly needs to deposit £10 of their own money to their SportsBroker account and purchase £10 of virtual shares in a team. The team must play one full match prior to the £25 referral bonus funds being added. Player A completes this and receives their £25 referral bonus. Player A will need to complete £250 of Qualifying Trades (10x bonus value) to release their Bonus Balance.

Player A purchases virtual shares in Huddersfield Town AFC for a total of £35 before the team's next fixture starts and keeps the shares until the game ends. Player A has now placed £35 worth of Qualifying Trades towards releasing their Bonus Balance.

Huddersfield wins this match, and Player A's total share value rises to £55. Player A then sells their shares in Huddersfield and buys shares in Leicester City for £55 before Leicester City's next fixture starts, and keeps them until that fixture ends. Player A has now completed £90 (£35 + £55) worth of Qualifying Trades towards releasing their Bonus Balance.

Leicester City loses their match and the value of Player A's shares decreases to £30. Player A sells their Leicester City shares. They then add an additional £40 to their SportsBroker account and buy £70 of shares in Bari.

Player A keeps the £70 of shares until the end of the next match when Bari wins. The share value held increases to £120. Player A has now completed £160 of Qualifying Trades (£35+£55+£70) out of the £250 total needed to release their Bonus funds.

Player A cashes out £100 of their Bari shares leaving £20 in Bari. Player A buys £100 of shares in Valencia. In the next round of matches, Bari loses and Valencia wins their respective games. Player A’s share value in Bari drops to £10, but the value held at the start of the match (£20) is counted toward unlocking the bonus funds, the running total accumulated to unlock now standing at £180 (£35+£55+£70+£20). Valencia’s share value rises to £140, and the total kept in for the duration of the match was £100. So £100 is added to the £180 total needed to unlock the bonus funds, giving £280.

Player A has now completed over £250 of Qualifying Trades towards releasing their Bonus Balance. The bonus is now moved to their Deposit Balance and made available for withdrawal.